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Posted June 20, 2007 by danman1202
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I’ve been very busy with a lot of things. I’ll get this place back on track with game updates, opinions, and the like. But I will be doing that at our new blog location. Which is:


Miguel Cairo Dilemma

Posted March 13, 2007 by Jeff
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Miguel Cairo has been a Yankee since 2004 excluding 2005 season which was the Tony Womack experiment. In his tenure as a Yankee he has been nothing short of a good serviceable back up infielder. This off season in the Randy Johnson trade, one of the three players obtained in the trade was slick fielding SS Alberto Gonzalez. Gonzalez in my opinion would be a better fit as the backup infielder, he is an above average fielder with an above average arm which is what you would want form a back up infielder anything hitting wise would be plus. But unfortunately Gonzalez is still young enough where he still needs his AB’s which he wont get being a utility man behind Jeter, Arod and Cano.In the misfortune that one of these infielders get hurt I think it would be best for Gonzalez to get the call as the starter while Cairo stays as the backup.

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Hughes Struggles

Posted March 11, 2007 by Jeff
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Phil Hughes was not sharp today in his third outing of spring training. Hughes pitched a inning and a third gave u 3 hits and allowed 3ER. Uncharacteristically Hughes did not have good control and walked 3 batters, which is rare for a guy who’s career k/BB in the minors is exactly 5.o. In the grand scheme of things Phil Hughes struggling in Spring Training is a good thing,you get to see how Hughes handles adversity and how he adjust.

Josh Phelps is mashing right now…

Posted March 10, 2007 by danman1202
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You can tell me it’s early. That’s fine. But at this point in Spring Training, Josh Phelps has clearly wrested the right handed first baseman spot away from the absentee Andy Phillips, who is not in Spring Training due to family matters. At this point in Spring Training, Phelps is hitting a robust .600, with four RBIs and one home run in seven games played. From what I’ve seen at least, he has shown a sweet swing and his fielding is competent, although not great (I think his career statistics back that up as well). What I’m trying to say here is this: While Phelps has not locked up his spot as of yet, he’s well on his way towards accomplishing that.

A lot of this will fall on Andy Phillips, and how he plays from now on. Torre will most definitely give Phillips a fair shake at winning the job out, as he is not the kind of manager or person for that matter that would give a roster spot to another player while another player is hurt or going through personal issues (as is the case with Phillips). But from what everyone who watches the Yankees on a daily basis can tell you, Phillips is a mediocre player: I’m not sure he is capable of winning the job out if Phelps continues to play like this.

Remember to keep in mind this as well: Whoever loses this Spring Training positional battle will more than likely not be a member of the Yankees after all is said and done. Phelps is a Rule V player, meaning if he does not make the roster, the Yankees must offer him back to the Orioles, who will likely accept him back on the team. As for Andy, he is out of options with the Yankees. Meaning if the Yankees want him to go to AAA Scranton-Wilkes Barre, he would have to make it through waivers. And I’m pretty confident that one team in the majors will take a chance of Phillips, he is not that bad of a player.

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Pavano Update: Will not make tonight’s start

Posted March 9, 2007 by danman1202
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According to Peter Abraham at his Lohud Blog Pavano will not make his scheduled start tonight for “personal reasons”. Team officials say it’s nothing physical but that Joe Torre will comment about it after the game. This is purely speculation but: perhaps a trade is on the horizon? If that’s the case, good riddance Carl.

That being said, hopefully nothing terrible has happened in Pavano’s life: I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But with the way this guy has been with the Yankees, every time he fails to make a start there will always be speculation that it’s typical Pavano garbage.

Update-Also according to the Yankees Lohud Blog :

“He’s got a legitimate reason. Joe Torre told him to go take care of it. When he returns, to the degree he wants to, he can address it or not. He doesn’t have to. There’s somewhere he should be right now and that’s where he’s at. The important thing is to know that he really doesn’t need to be here tonight. It’s something that came up right before game time. Joe said to let him go and rightfully so. He’ll return here soon and it’s not an issue.”-Brian Cashman

Carl Pavano Doesn’t Want to Pay His Agent

Posted March 8, 2007 by danman1202
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Remember the “Carlpalooza” hype-fest back when Carl Pavano was a free agent? Well that was all a great job by his agent, and most definitely raised the amount of money Pavano got on his deal. However, now it seems Pavano is dissatisfied with his agents performance. reports that team sources say Pavano may have to testify in Tampa later this month in a hearing over his non-payment of the commission on his $39.95 million Yankees deal. The article says that Pavano is not willing to pay the agents commission because the agent did not get Pavano the 40 million dollars he wanted, instead only a paltry 39.95 million dollars. The commission for the contract comes out to about two million dollars, which a rich man like Pavano should be able to pay, especially since he has to as Pavano agreed to the deal, and thus must hand over five percent of that contract to his agent.

Personally, I think this is a weak move by Pavano, and I say weak because the wording would be different if I were not posting on this blog, and I were in a situation at the water cooler. The guy asks for 40 million, and the agent basically gets him 40 million dollars. So what he does is he looks for a loophole and says that because the agent did not get him the 40 million he doesn’t deserve commission but in reality it is just Pavano trying to hoard more money. And to this point it looks as if that is the only thing he is good at, besides getting hurt of course. This is the exact stuff Pavano needs to try to get away from, not run himself into. But instead, he continues to operate like someone who is completely oblivious as to what a decent human being should do.

In closing, all I will say is this: No one will care about this stuff if he gets on the mound and performs. People will choose to look past all of his character flaws if he helps the Yankees towards their twenty seventh world title. But as I see it now, Pavano first needs to get out of his own way before he can do anything to help the team.

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Curt Schilling has an opinion…again.

Posted March 7, 2007 by danman1202
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Hey everyone, check this one out! Mr. Curt Schilling, who the people on my message board have affectionately started to call “fat actress”, has now created his own blog to state his bloated, if you will, opinion. Go ahead and give it a look. 38 Pitches Blog